The Art of Flow States


The Art of Flow States

The Art of Flow States

MAKE TRIBE x Buckley

Wednesday, Feb. 21


Baltimore Museum of Art

10 Art Museum Dr, Baltimore, MD 21218

Join MAKE TRIBE, the American Craft Council and the Baltimore Museum of Art for a workshop on automatic creativity and accessing your flow state led by visionary artist Buckley.

Join us for a private tour and gallery talk of the Senga Nengudi and Njideka Akunyili Crosby exhibitions and then gather in the classroom for a discourse and hands-on workshop focused on the process of creativity, rather than the product. Starting with a group meditation, artist Buckley will engage attendees in a clay workshop, with purposeful prompts to unlock the creative mind and access the unconscious cerebral flow state that often seems so elusive. 

Your ticket includes workshop and all supplies, gallery tour, snacks, wine and coffee.

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All artwork courtesy of Buckley

About Buckley:

BUCKLEY is a stream-of-consciousness conceptual artist whose work most frequently manifests as paintings and ink drawings. She applies her "process-over-product" method to a variety of media, including: music, performance, installation, sculpture and experiential events. Her central focus is unconscious creativity through the activation of the automatic and intuitive mind. Buckley's drawings are visual meditations rendered with simple materials and precise line work that deliver symbolic messages which are both immediately clear and ever-developing with time spent observing. Buckley is a Baltimore-area native, currently living and working in New York City & Los Angeles.


What Is a Flow State?

It is a process which releases the mind from analytical thought into a “free-thinking” mode, allowing words and ideas to float freely, beyond judgment, and ultimately coalesce, resulting in a creative product. Similar to an unconscious state, the creative individual moves into another reality, where there the gap between intuition and action disappears. The artist simply conducts a Free Association within herself; a reflexive call and response of spontaneous connections between seemingly unlinked words, thoughts, images and ideas. The results of this experimental thinking are then arranged and compiled with conscious attention to the greater message that the artist wishes to share/communicate.

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